About Sunrise

Sunrise seeks to create and develop content that inspires the customer to think differently. To question the way it has always been done. We strive to provide you with a spark and fuel to fire your vision in a respectful manner. Our passion is to contribute to the continual progress and evolution of your customers experience and its impact on your business.

My Experience and perspective

I have spent the last 24 years in the automotive industry with positions including aftermarket parts counterperson, service advisor, service manager, fixed operations consultant and OEM District Parts and Service Manager. My extensive and varied experience, has provided me with a unique look at how we do business in fixed operations and how we interact with our customers. This inside and outside perspective allow me to provide valuable consulting and training to automotive dealership employees. I’m not here to provide you with a step by step way of doing business, or to critique how you go about it. There is no cookie cutter approach for dealerships. Everyone has unique challenges and opportunities. So why provide one size fits all resources and training that may not be effective or applicable to you? I want to provide you with training and resources unlike what is currently available. To take a different perspective and approach.I believe that the automotive industry is very slow to change our approach despite our customers and societal needs and circumstances changing daily. The mentality that if it worked in 1994, it will always work isn’t sustainable. I have seen first hand how success in hundreds of parts and service departments across the country varies from their ability to be flexible to the needs of their customers with an open mind. I received the greatest satisfaction in my career from collaborating and working hand in hand with many brilliant people to improve the quality of life of dealership employees and their customers. In doing so, positively impacting the bottom line. From my experience traditional consulting and training is outdated and self serving. Listen to me because I was great back in the day. Trade in all day conference room training for a different approach. When considering your training and consulting needs, think about the popular definition of insanity- doing the same thing and expecting different results. I look forward to assisting you anyway I can.

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