Online Service Presence

With these uncertain times we find ourselves in, consumer preferences are shifting to conduct as much business online as possible. Companies that have the flexibility to offer easy, transparent information online to customers are those that will succeed during and after the pandemic. Digital retailing is a huge topic in all industries. Once a dealer […]

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Covid Customer Perspective

I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts I had as a result of seeing some customer feedback. My intention is that you explore a different perspective as it relates to customer interactions. I was fortunate enough in my current position as an OEM DPSM, to be sent customer survey comments that were […]

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Acquiring Automotive Technicians: The Foundation or the Carpet?

We can all agree that acquiring and retaining technicians as well as consultants, has been the bane of fixed operations for decades. If you speak with any service manager or director you will hear all sorts of reasons why they struggle. “Nobody wants to get into the business, flat rate is outdated, they won’t work […]

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